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Welcome! SWANA's MentorMatch is the perfect place to pair up experienced professionals (mentors) willing to share their expertise with fellow colleagues (mentees) looking for career guidance or professional development within the solid waste management and recycling industry. This program allows both mentors and mentees to grow professionally and personally through each interaction with focus on common growth areas typically needed for career advancement. Mentors are encouraged to share their career experiences and lessons learned in the field, including: 

  • Leading / Managing / Motivating
  • Networking / Relationship-building
  • Branding / Marketing
  • Productivity / Profitability
  • Strategic planning / Developing
  • Time / Organization
  • Work/life balance
  • Technical skills
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Conflict resolution
  • Problem solving

* Must be a SWANA member to participate. Not a member? Join here for access.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does SWANA's MentorMatch Program work?   

Step 1 - Start

Simply sign in to your MySWANA account and fill out your profile (including your profile picture) in order to help introduce yourself to potential mentors or mentees.

Step 2 - Enroll

Click below to enroll in the MentorMatch program as either a:

Fill in the selection demographic information to help potential mentor or mentees determine the best match. (Note: enrollment is required to participate in the program and set up your mentor or mentee profiles found under the "My Profile" button in your account).

Step 3 - Search

Use the SWANA Mentor Program Directory to Search for a Mentee or Search for a Mentor. Start by selecting the area(s) of interest which include:

  • Collection & Transfer (including but not limited to HHW)
  • Communication, Education & Marketing
  • Landfill Gas & Biogas
  • Landfill Management
  • Planning & Management
  • Sustainable Materials Management (including but not limited to recycling, zero waste, and HHW)
  • Composting and Organics Management
  • Waste to Energy
  • SWANA Leadership (committee or board volunteer)
  • Safety
  • Other

Step 4 - Connect

Based on your profile information and search criteria, the system will send you potential match results that you can review. If you see a match, simply click on their name then click on the SEND MENTOR REQUEST or SEND MENTEE REQUEST button on their Mentor or Mentee profile page to request a relationship with them. Once they accept, you and your mentor/mentee will be connected in the system for up to 6 months where you can interact with each other online or offline using SWANA resources such as the discovery call check list for mentors and goals assessment sheet for mentees. From there, SWANA will regularly follow up with you via email throughout the mentorship to keep things on track and help you reach your goals in the program (Note: follow-ups will end after 6 months).

* Note: Participants will have the option to end the mentorship at anytime or continue for up to 6 months before re-establishing another relationship with either the same person or another person at the end of each session.

What are the benefits of participating?                

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  • Share your knowledge and expertise with others
  • Pay it forward
  • Enhance your leadership skills
  • Build lasting business and personal relationships with colleagues
  • Grow your network and knowledge base
  • Strengthen your skills in the industry
  • Feel more prepared for career advancement
  • Build lasting business and personal relationships with colleagues
  • Gain valuable resources and problem-solving techniques

What are the requirements?                                

  • Mentors need to fill out their mentor and SWANA Community Profile with as much detail as possible
  • Respond to follow-up inquiries from SWANA staff
  • Complete the initial discovery call checklist (provided by SWANA) with Mentee
  • Commit to a focused conversation with your Mentee for at least one hour each month
  • Provide insights, knowledge and understanding in an educational manner to benefit the Mentee in professional growth (common growth areas include: Leading/managing/motivating, Networking/relationship-building, Time/Organization, Branding/Marketing, Productivity/Profitability, Strategic Planning/Developing, Work/Life Balance, Technical Skills, Communication, Collaboration, Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Resolution, and Problem Solving
  • Make an agreed upon commitment to the match (recommend 6 months)
  • Mentors can have more than one Mentee but need to be judicious with their resources to make sure each Mentee is well-served
  • Be a member of SWANA

  • Mentees need to fill out their mentee and MySWANA Community Profiles with as much detail as possible to aid in the finding the best match
  • Respond to follow-up inquiries from SWANA staff
  • Mentees are responsible for facilitating the relationship and must invite a mentor via SWANA's Mentor Match to help them
  • Mentees are responsible for driving the relationship, meaning that Mentees must have clear goals for what they want to achieve from participation and take responsibility for pursuing those objectives
  • Make an agreed upon commitment to the match (recommend 6 months)
  • Complete the Mentoring Worksheet
  • Can only have one mentor at a time with the option to re-establish another relationship with either the same person or another person at the end of each session
  • Be a member of SWANA

Ready to Get Started!

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Visit the MentorMatch FAQ page for more details or contact Shelby Truxon at struxon@swana.org for further assistance.