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    We've recently been experiencing a rash of fires in our landfill due to the disposal of rechargeable batteries. I'm looking for any PSAs, social media posts or educational outreach material addressing ...

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    We have been allowing our crews to wear shorts for many years now.  Safety was definitely my concern when first considering it.  But after over 15 years, we have no work comp claims related to their wearing. ...

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    Alejandra, you might want to look into Compology.com this might be a good option if you really want to track what is inside these bins. I looked into them a few years ago and found nothing but good things ...

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    Hi All,  As a Sales Representative for Rehrig Pacific Company, I can confidently speak on behalf of our organization and say that we would be happy to work with municipalities, and haulers alike, in the ...

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    Damaged Carts

    With more tight budgets we are investigating repairing the cracked damaged carts at our municipality.  We are looking at the plastic weld system and are ...

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    Just read a very nice article on SWANA ordering and distributing masks to area SW/Recycling organizations to keep them safe. Many states are now issuing ...

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    ​We stock and trade and it helps us offer more to the end users.

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