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    The City of Cape Coral is currently experiencing a significant increase in missed pickups (horticulture) due to Covid related issues our vendor is experiencing.  While reviewing past and current service ...

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    Plastic Credits

    I was reading an article today about the new method of crediting business for plastic use.  The jist of the article was businesses who used plastics and needed to get credits for their continued use would ...

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    G'day,  Alberta has sulphur disposal guidelines. Please refer to: Microsoft Word - Guidelines for S Disposal-September 2011 (alberta.ca) ------------------------------ Steve Johnson S.C. AECOM Waste ...

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    Natalie, We have a process using pyrolysis to convert calorific waste into a syngas that can be used as a fuel in engines to make electricity or further processed into liquid fuels such as ULSD. ...

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