I am studying Cradle To Grave Laws, used to place ewaste costs back on manufacturer

By Robert Ballantyne posted 11-18-2019 11:37 AM

I am currently searching for research or people whom have explored using Cradle To Grave Laws to dispose of Ewaste.

Ewaste traditionally has cost municipalities large sums of money to deal with at the solid waste disposal site.  My interest is if this can be collected and sorted by manufacturer and then sent back to the manufacturer for proper disposal under the cradle to grave rules.

Understand my intent here is to make these producer come to the table with a "waste funded up front fee" to help deal with all this.  In our area I live rural enough that every weekend is toss you old computer in a field days!

I have started small just collecting the items along our lane.  I catalog them.

I can think of so many items where cradle to grave rules could save municipalities millions of dollars.

Thanks if you can forward anything you have seen or know of, and thanks for comments on the concept as well.  I put these thesis up to be tour apart so have at it, not even the bottom of my feet are sensitive!
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I am in the Ewaste  field. Please contact me if I can help you . Thanks.