Sanitary Dump Ponds, enhanced evaporation to get solids into the composting pile faster

By Robert Ballantyne posted 10-10-2019 09:34 AM

Sanitary dump ponds in landfills create a unique set of challenges.  The biggest being how to increase the evaporation rates to concentrate solids for composting at a fast enough pace to keep up with the inflow?

RWI Enhanced Evaporation is in pre-release for its Sanitary Pit Boss wastewater evaporation unit.  During pre-release you get discount pricing in return for RWI Enhanced Evaporation being allowed to use the data from the operation of the unit for Scientific Papers, white papers, and industry articles.

These units handle any type of wastewater, but Sanitary Pit Boss is specifically designed to handle sanitary dump ponding.  No nozzle to clog, no pumps to burn up all with complete plume control and the lowest energy consumption in the industry!  2.96 HP ...... 6 tenths of a penny per 42 gallons evaporated OPEX and with rental options, rent to own options and purchase options, we can fit your budget!

230,000 tds super saturate.... not a problem, pH from .2 to 14 not a problem.