Finally Leachate Evaporation at an OPEX of 1 cent for every 42 Gallons (oil barrel) (assumes 12.7 cents per KWH)

By Robert Ballantyne posted 04-11-2019 09:14 AM

Landfill and Biogas plants produces some tough wastewater. With the APEX 2.0 down draft evaporation system; leachate from landfills or bio-gas operations is no longer a problem. Total plume control, total control of dry aerosol compound formation .... your shareholder value is protected and your wastewater problem is able to achieve zero discharge! All at less than a penny per 42 gallons evaporated on the OPEX!

Three years of research and development went into Reducing the Carbon Footprint from 25 HP to 2.96 HP.  All while increasing evaporation rates by 16 percent.  (Average 1250 Gallons per hour per unit) The unique product now controls dry aerosol plume drift in a patented manner allowing site manager better sleep without the nightmare of a 30 mile pollution plume!

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Congratulations, perfect work