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    This is one of the great things about SWANA.  As members, we can reach out through the SWANA world and find people who can help us with issues like this.   I got involved in a few disaster situations here ...

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    Hello Hello! I'm just putting some feelers out.... I am tasked with assisting to find grant(s) or funding alternatives to possibly hold another free electronics recycling drive. The municipality I am ...

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    Kim, good afternoon!  Piggybacking on Ed Dexter's earlier comment, there is a work group under the Baltimore Metropolitan Council that undertook the task of creating a framework for regional planning ...

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    ​The City of McAllen, TX was using the "Recollect" mobile app; it was simple and user friendly. Not sure if it's one of the 2 that you are looking into but the cost was the reason we stopped along with having less than ...

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