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    ​We currently use Wasteworks, from Carolina Software, for our ticketing at the Transfer Station and Landfill.  We have always had issues with the software concerning credit cards.  We are being forced ...

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    Landfill Procedures

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    I am updating and creating procedures for our landfill.  Would anyone have procedures or protocol that they can share for what they use in the following instances: 1) Annual Landfill Inspection List. 2) ...

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    ​Hello,   We here at the City of Greenville, South Carolina are in the mist of recommending discontinuing alley collection points for remaining customers.  We've redesigned our collection services using ...

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    Honor, Freedom, and Respect – Free Flag Retirement Service from Arwood Waste The U.S. flag is a beacon to the world of those core American values that we hold most dear–Freedom, Honor, Justice and Respect. The ...

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