Boiler Walls Acid Dew Point Corrosion

By Steven Williams posted 05-24-2017 08:43 AM

Boilers, the profit center is a common location to find problematic issues with acid dew point corrosion. Cold steel allows interior condensing of flue gases (on the cooled steel surface acid enriched gases condense from gas state to liquid state) reeking havoc in operations because of steel lose and holes hidden under cladding and insulation. These cold spots also weaken the refractory and anchors. CTB-1HT spray applied ceramic coatings eliminates cold spots. The coating film of 300-400 mils DFT remits heat energy back into steel to keep steel temperatures elevated never dropping below acid dew point.

Coating system encapsulates the unit and helps operators control heat eliminating cold areas or stratification. No cladding necessary no hidden surfaces, durable and maintenance friendly. High temperature waterborne resins with a unique blend of ceramic compounds suspended in resin create a heat block at the steel surface keeping temps elevated. Unlike conventional insulation and lagging which allows rapid transfer of heat to the cold atmosphere. Hot goes to cold unless it is redirected CTB-1HT remits (redirects) heat energy.

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Steven Williams Director/COO