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    I am an engineer, not a chemist, but I suspect the dissolved calcium and magnesium in presence of carbon dioxide precipitates.  Combined with any biological slimes the deposits are at first soft, pasty, ...

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    What kind(s) of waste does the landfill accept? Putrecent trash mixed with WTE ash is particularly problematic with leachate scaling. - Michelle Minstrell, 571-354-7487 Principal Consultant, Waste Knowledge ...

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    Have you checked with your regional COG (Council of Governments) to see if they have any similar items on cooperative purchase agreements? Your local neighbors may have feedback on what they bought and/or ...

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    Hi Brad We have a technology that takes care of all of your needs permanently.  It's a sustainable electronic solution that is used all over N. America called Flowscience.  We work with all the majors ...

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