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    Hello everyone. It is nice to be here. I am Mehdi Bahrami, a Ph.D. student in the sustainable development area. The main objective of my project is to reduce the amount of landfill in Municipal Solid Waste ...

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    Hello Ben, We have had issues with mice but not rats...yet!  The only way I've been able to keep them out of the equipment is to follow all wiring harnesses that enter the machine and stuff steel wool ...

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    Try using mint oil ------------------------------ Randy Evanger S.C. Monterey Regional Waste Management District Heavy Equipment Supervisor-LF Ops Monterey County, Ca. --------------------------- ...

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    Hi Ben, Happy Friday! A good cat population has solved our wire eating issues. We still have to clean up after the cats but haven't had a truck with chewed wires in a very long time. Hope this helps! ...

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