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By Theresa Rademacher posted 05-13-2021 12:05 PM

Newly released!
The Environmental Protection Agency published Report No. 21-P-0130: EPA Helps States Reduce Trash, Including Plastic, in U.S. Waterways but Needs to Identify Obstacles and Develop Strategies for Further Progress

In this report see how the EPA is addressing improperly disposed waste in waterways, impacting marine ecosystems, environmental and human health, and providing recommendations for states.  This waste frequently consists of plastics, which poses a significant challenge to clean waterways, animal health and habitat, and can be costly to clean.
This report, which directly works to support the efforts of the Clean Water Act, evaluates the obstacles to the implementation of the Act and to develop strategies to ensure it's success.

Take a few minutes to check out the report.

How are you  handling the persistent challenge of plastics in your environment, especially in areas which have aquatic life?

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05-29-2021 10:27 AM

EPA and NOAA are both taking decisive action to reduce aquatic trash and plastics.  Soon we will conclude a 3-part solid waste and storm water dialog to address what public works officials see as the obstacles to reducing plastic pollution, including interception and reduction. 

Also, a few more technologies exist to intercept aquatic trash from storm water.  Hopefully that will be appended to this guidance document soon.