Harness system for accessing top of front loaders

By Robin Lawrence posted 05-20-2019 05:45 PM

Was curious if anybody is utilizing a harness system to access the top of front loaders? For instance:
  • If you have laborers washing the trucks - do they access the top of the truck to clean cameras and such
  • Do drivers access the top of the truck if trash doesn't make it into the hopper

If you do have staff accessing the top of the truck via the ladder installed on the side of the truck or some other mobile rolling ladder - do you utilize a harness system? If so, can you provide specifics on
  • what you use
  • how it is attached to the truck/personnel
  • what are the requirements for when it must be used
  • If not, is there some other form of fall protection that is being utilized instead
Appreciate the feedback.