A Fully Automated Scale Management System Which Utilizes A Pre-Paid Customer Account

By Robert Stalford posted 11-21-2017 04:35 PM


I am investigating opportunities to fully automate the Scale Management System at our Solid Waste Facility. The system I am envisioning would be similar to the pre-paid accounts currently utilized by toll roads & bridges in the northeast (similar to the EZ Pass). I am writing to learn if any of the solid waste professionals who read this blog site have any experience and / or contacts who are familiar with this type of system. The vendor which we use to maintain our Scale Management System recommended I contact SWANA for any guidance you could provide. Please contact me with any questions / comments you have regarding my inquiry.




01-15-2018 02:37 PM

​The City of Saskatoon landfill does have an automated scale that allows select account holders to install RFID tags on their trucks to go through the automated scale and be billed later.

01-15-2018 02:35 PM

​Fifteen or more years ago, the City of Saskatoon implemented a 'City Card' which was intended to be used to pay for parking meters.  Other ideas were floated at the time that this system could be implemented at recreation facilities, the public libraries, virtually anywhere that financial transactions occurred between the City and the public including the landfill.  For whatever reason the system never extended beyond Parking and those cards were eventually phased out (within 10 years).  What changed was the city committed to provide the ability for patrons to use a credit card or a direct debit card instead of carrying yet another payment card.