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Introduction - 6 years of LF experience

  • 1.  Introduction - 6 years of LF experience

    Posted 03-03-2017 10:53 AM

    Hi, I just joined SWANA.  I saw that there was no Michigan chapter, but decided to try out the organization and see what it offers.  

    I started out with landfills while I was still in college where I performed CQA at landfills (on co-op) while I was majoring in Environmental Engineering at Michigan Technological University.  I spend an adventurous 11 months at one landfill in particular which made me feel like landfills were my second home.  After I graduated, I went to an environmental consulting firm that specialized in services for municipal solid waste landfills.  I spent time doing more field work (CQA, sampling, troxler, etc) and some autocad.  For my next job, I spent 3 years at a hazardous waste landfill as a project engineer- getting involved in everything from landfill temporary caps, leachate forcemain/extraction wells,  stormwater conveyance systems, asphalt, and building facilities projects.  It is surprising how much one can learn when involved in the operations team at a landfill.  Now I am back at a consulting firm, learning abut the other side of landfill engineering- slope stability and other geotechnical considerations of landfill design.

    I have already learned some new things by looking through the forums in the Landfill Management technical division.  I hope to be more involved in the forums and webinars and take advantage of networking opportunities.

    Amy Minner
    CTI & Associates, Inc.
    Staff Engineer
    Novi MI

  • 2.  RE: Introduction - 6 years of LF experience

    Posted 03-06-2017 03:07 PM
    Hi Amy,

    Welcome to SWANA and the YP Group!  Sounds like you're off to a great start. Let me know if you'd like help connecting with others in SWANA or within your region...I imagine it may be different since you don't have a state chapter (I'm in Florida).  I also strongly recommend attending WasteCon and other SWANA Conferences to help build your network.  There is also YP page on the SWANA website which provides various contacts and ways to get involved.

    Ashley Evans PE
    Kessler Consulting, Inc.
    Senior Consultant
    Tampa FL