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Recycling @ Airport????????????

  • 1.  Recycling @ Airport????????????

    Posted 06-28-2018 03:39 PM
    ​Hello, ​I am about to adventure a small recycling project at Beaufort County's airport. I have great ideas for the inside, but the Airport Director also wants to place recycling containers on the outside where several car rental stations exist. The Airport is having an issue with citizens throwing garbage all over the parking lot, which has caused a significant problem with litter. 


    One solution would be to place trash/recycling receptacles around the area to provide a place for proper disposal. I am thinking of other ideas but not sure if this is the best solution. I am afraid that most people would use the recycling station as a trash station. I am not opposed to placing a trash station, but I am against a recycling station.


    Does any one have any thoughts of having any receptacles located around the outside of the airport where the car rental station is? Also, does anyone have any procedures on how to handle setting up new areas for recycling in a high traffic area where litter is located?


    If anyone has any advice or feedback on creative ways to address this issue, I would so appreciate the insight on this matter.


    Ashley Jenkins
    Beaufort County
    Recycling Coordinator