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    Posted 04-05-2018 03:51 PM
    Hi All -

    My company is hoping to leverage some new technology by installing a touchscreen/interactive TV in our entry way as well as a touchscreen kiosk for customers to pay their bill on.  On the touchscreen TV we would like to display information about our building, company, pictures, news, weather, upcoming events, etc. and have a fun, personal experience for our customers.  We will be purchasing the hardware (TV's, kiosk, etc.) for this project, however I need a software that is compatible, user friendly, Bluetooth and/or WiFi capable, editable, possibly can interface with other systems to gather information to display, etc.
    Are there any local companies anyone has worked with to develop this kind of display?  I would like to try something in Anchorage (or in the state) before branching out.

    Let me know either through this YP community discussion or contacting me by email/phone:
    907-343-6252 (o)
    907-398-7478 (c)


    Mariah Kai Green
    Municipality of Anchorage / Solid Waste Service
    Utility Management Specialist
    Anchorage, Alaska (907) 343-6252