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OPEN CALL for Technical Division Young Professional Representative (TDYPR) - WTE and LFM TD

  • 1.  OPEN CALL for Technical Division Young Professional Representative (TDYPR) - WTE and LFM TD

    Posted 10-20-2016 09:18 AM

    Hi, all!

    Here's a quick reminder; deadline for the following submissions for Young Professional Representative (TDYPR) is October 31, 2016.



    If you are:

    1. 35 or under and a Solid Waste Association of North America YP member;
    2. a member of the Waste-to-Energy Technical Division or the Landfill Management Technical Division; and,
    3. interested in expanding your career, industry involvement, and making a difference in SWANA. by becoming the TDYPR of either of these TDs.

    Then, please submit your application to Sue Bumpous at Include a brief description what you have done professionally, involvement you have had with SWANA and/or the Division, and what you would like to accomplish in the Division if you were elected Division YP Rep.

    The TDYPR will be in charge of:

    • Representing the interests of the YP Group to the Division.
    • Representing the interests of the Division to the YP Group.
    • Increasing efforts of Division to attract more YPs to the Division and associated committees.
    • Attending the Division meetings held at the LF Symposium/NAWTEC and WASTECON.
    • Attending Division Steering Committee quarterly teleconferences.
    • Providing a committee report at each meeting and teleconference.
    • Being the liaison with all other Division committees to provide a YP perspective.
    • Being the liaison with the YP Steering Committee.

    Remember to submit your application by October 31, 2016.   

    Hanna Rodriguez, PE, SC
    Environmental Engineer