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Seeking Volunteers for Special Project

  • 1.  Seeking Volunteers for Special Project

    Posted 10-13-2016 09:01 AM

    #SocialMediaFailsinWasteManagement (and How to #Recover & #Succeed)

    As a member of the ISWA Communications Working Group, I am working on a special project that we would like to feature at the World Congress/WASTECON in Baltimore.  We are seeking a project manager and additional volunteers to complete this project.

    If interested in participating in this project, please contact me at

    The title of the project is: #SocialMediaFailsinWasteManagement (and How to #Recover & #Succeed)

    Project Overview:

    This project is designed to help improve communications regarding waste management topics and issues with the use of social media. 

    Mistakes are an important part of the learning process for individuals and communities.  The communications community of practice with in the waste management industry has the opportunity to learn from successes and mistakes that members of the community have experienced with social media campaigns. 

    This handbook will review and analyze 5 successful and 5 unsuccessful waste management Social Media campaign.  For each scenario, we will explore what were the objectives of the campaign, what went wrong, how we can learn from this campaign and how to recover from a bad campaign.  We then will show an example a campaign that successfully met the objectives of the failed campaign.  

    Case studies will be solicited from communication groups working in the waste management industry throughout the world that have implemented both failed and successful social media campaigns. 

    In addition, literature research will be compiled based on studies and presentations on this topic. 

    Finally, it may be necessary for the project team to conduct virtual meetings with groups that will be highlighted in the manual.

    The final deliverables will include a new publication and a presentation at the ISWA World Congress 2017 in Baltimore, for communication professionals throughout the waste management industry can use to improve social media campaigns.  

    Anticipated Deliverables:

    1.  Survey developed.
    Researcher designs a survey tool to solicit social media campaigns via literature research and direct solicitation.  Identify 5-10 types of social media campaigns that this project will analyze.  

    2. Establish #socialmediainwastemanagement on a variety of social media platforms.
    These tools can be used to collect information/research; crowdsource feedback and ultimately publish the information.

    3. Establish a team of volunteers to provide relevant and timely content on a daily basis.
    To draw people to the site we need to have a means to get the dialogue started.  It will be important for the volunteers to keep the conversations going and content fresh to ensure success. 

    4. Compilation of cases found through literature research, surveys and publicizing the blog.
    Perform literature research to find examples of successful and failed social media campaigns.  Invite communications professionals from our member countries to participate in the #socialmediainwastemanagement platforms and share their #fails and #successes

    5. Compilation of data collected through surveying communication professionals.
    Solicit examples of successful and failed social media campaigns from communications professionals in the waste management industry.  Solicitations may take place via survey, blog (or other social media), or direct contact.

    6. Final selection of cases to be used in the publication.
    Project team reviews the cases and information collected and conducts virtual meetings/interviews as needed. 

    7. Draft publication.
    Project team drafts the publication for review.

    9. Final comments from review team to the project team.
    Review of the publication and analysis conducted by review team.

    10. Final Publication “manuscript” or web based guidance document.
    Final Presentation for ISWA presentation. Project team prepares the final publication and presentation for the ISWA World Congress.

    Project Duration:  approximately 6 months.

    Project Team may include volunteers from Universities.

    Meri Beth Wojtaszek
    Solid Waste Association of North America
    Deputy Executive Director (Programs & Membership)
    Silver Spring MD