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Public education best practices

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    Posted 09-14-2016 11:47 AM

    Good Morning,

    I am looking for best practice strategies that are being used to communicate to your customers/citizen to increase your diversion goals. In other words, how are you promoting and/or educating customers to recycle more.

    Anderson Sainci
    City of Dubuque
    Resouce Management Coordinator
    Dubuque IA

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    Posted 09-15-2016 02:49 PM
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    We post all of our campaigns and signage on our website. Most of them are focused on food scraps recycling as we banned organics from disposal in 2015. In general the approach is to make sure that the campaigns are fun and engaging.

    Metro Vancouver - Campaign Posters & Artwork

    We also share our campaigns with the National Zero Waste Council: NZWC - National Communication Campaigns 

    NZWC also has the following guides:

    Social Marketing Plan – Best Practices Guide

    This guide, and example of how it can be used, will help communications professionals from the private, public and NGO sectors create a social marketing plan for their behaviour change initiatives.

     Social Marketing Plan Best Practices Guide

     Best Practices Guide Example: Edmonton Grasscycling Campaign

    We focus on providing support to residents. We have a compost/recycling hotline and a recycling ap

    In the past some of our approaches have been based on community-based social marketing which includes examples of providing information about diversion rates back to residents. However since the recycling products and streams are constantly changing we focus on waste reduction (reporting lbs/resident disposed) : CBSM/pages/guide/preface/

    Annual property tax notices or utility bills are a good opportunity to communicate the community waste reduction successes and promote new programs. Also community events provide good opportunities to connect with residents. I attached a photo of a cut out character that one of our cities designed for community events.

    Also our member cities provide information on their website on how to recycle and what. They further engage residents using their annual waste calendars and their waste aps. Some of them also have a waste sorting game associated with their ap.

    ReCollect Sorting Game

    Hope that helps,

    Karen Storry
    Metro Vancouver Solid Waste Services
    Senior Project Engineer
    Burnaby BC