Recycled glass options

By Dustin Hansen posted 07-07-2016 01:17 PM


To All,

Is anyone converting recycled glass to a drain or concrete sand quality? If so what is the per tonnage cost to produce? Also is there any type of green credits to be accessed by converting glass to an aggregate for re-use?

thanks for any and all information.

Dustin Hansen

City of Sioux Falls

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07-30-2016 09:22 AM

Hi, in Maryland mixed glass cullet derived from recycling operations and sized like pea gravel has been used for drainage under a dredge spoil dewatering lagoon, and as aggregate for landfill gas collection in trenches, and reduce the chance of a fuel/air explosion in wide diameter concrete leachate infiltration galleries that were converted to us as gas collection wells.  No problems I am aware of.  I regret I don't have cost information.